Jan 28, 2009

CNy's Life's too exciting$$$. Ang Pao + Nuffnang chose me For CPM .

CNY's life's too exciting to be blogging...

Well, not so larz. Like any other Chinese Kid, I visited relatives with my parents and collected ang pao.

I'm not afraid of being robbed so I'm gonna reveal what I'm gonna do with my ang pao money.

*gathering all my red packets, pulling out the contents...*

*swiping noises of notes* (i'm counting right now)







Is it ALOT???

Or Very llllitttttlllleeeee IN YOU EYES???

I'm think i'm kinda more lovable this year? Cos my aunts and uncles all gave me more $$ this year. I really dunno why.

The last time I had this much Ang Pao money was when my grandpa gave me 2k in angpao. He was about to pass away then.

So... $400 bucks plus $12x4=$48 bucks my group members owed me.

Disposable Income w/o doing anything = $448

How selfish...Little did I know my parents have to give my cousins ang pao too. So... the only one gaining from all these ang paos is Myself.

Nuffnang CPM!
Oh and I almost forgot, Nokia Music Store selected this blog for a 1-week CPM(Cost per Thousand) Ad campaign.
The campaign ended 2 days ago.

CPM meaning visitors didn't have to click the ads for me to earn Ad $$$. Nokia would pay me according to how many unique visitors I got during the campaign period. Meaning during the course of last week, once u enter my blog, I got to earn a bit.

Should have more of this campaign man... It's quite lucrative.

Those loser bloggers bitch about Nuffnang not paying much are prolly the ones who don't get CPM ads.(ok im sorry, alot of bloggers are prolly offended now...)

I'm not saying CPM pays alot(it is actually quite little), but quite alright since all I did was post nonsense on my blog. No hard work @ all.

With all these cash, I'll get just one more pair of shoes from Queensway shopping Centre and keep the rest in my POSB :P

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Kriscell said...

Hey congrats on the ads from Nuffnang and Happy Chinese New Year to you.

Huat Ah!!!

ViciousCycle said...


YL said...


Kriscell said...

Yoz just to let you know I also link back to you. Double Huat Ah!!!

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