Jan 4, 2009

CNY Chinatown was Burnin'!!! [*pix/vids/cute babes/food/shop/live band/PARTY*]

Went with mum,a cute babe,cousin and her bf.
Thoroughly enjoyed the buzz @ Chinatown yesterday night. Despite the crowds and road blockage and MOLEST.

(TONNES of pix & vids ahead)

Arrived @ Chinatown...

Damn hungry, so we went to Chinatown's...

KBB Seafood! LOL @ the name(KKB?lol!)

Awesome Food Served in Sizzling HOT Claypot. 4 stars !

Claypot Curry Chicken


Claypot Chicken(Sesame,ginger, yum yum...)

Fish Soup

We waited and waited and waited...
With My lil sis, THE cute babe.

Beauty Queen in 10 years. (Ugh...good genes run our family. Jk. ViciousCycle's pix are only on his facebook:p)

Sis's HUNGRY!!! Yeee, wear specs alrd. Wadda waste...

"Okay, now lemme pose w/o specs"

Drink green Tea 1st...

Say Cheese !!!

"Is the food here yet???"

"Screw the food stall!!!"

Flat nose, but there's always surgery. But no nid lah...
You are not...

Food Arrived, and was SARP-ed within minutes. Sry, too hungry, din take the food photos.

Off to the Pasar Malam !

Alot of people!!! Worse than what this pic shows.

One old SMELLY uncle TOUCHED me!!! FAG! And STINKS. *pukes* I set an sms reminder so I could bathe myself with dettol when I get home.

Ang Moh Also Come and sell food @ Chinatown night market...

Wa... Machiam Bugis Street!

SAUSAGES!!! The Black ones are from Africa. LOL

Tangerines... (Sry har i only put food, other apparels i don't care.)

Ok Lar... Gib u Some...

Got Getai! Dancefloor!

Video WOooo!!!!

Decided to go to the Mall (People's Park)


Road was locked. Got Guards! How to cross over ??? Sucks!!! Have walk 10 km AROUND!!!


Wait wait Genius ViciousCycle suggested a shortcut...

Sneak into Underground Wet Market...

"Eh I wanna go toilet pee 1st"-Mum
"okay I follow u"-Cousin

"Waaa, quite clean leh!!!" - echoed from inside

Then we made our way up to ground level again, to get up to People's Park.

"See??? ViciousCycle's so SMART!"

Mum and Sis Ignores, con't walking ahead...

BUMMER!!! When we got up to the bridge...


BLOCKED.They all stood there and Gazed at the mall they can't go...

Sighs, let's go back to the departmental store below the bridge...


HAHAHAHAHA! My mum didn't wanna q for fitting room, just tried on jeans in the OPEN!!!

Okay let's go to the flea mart...

Wah.. Pasar Malam oso Got Sell CAR ! Real ones!

$388 monthly only!!! I wanna buy!

Wahahaha!!! China Brands. Eeeee, will explode one.

Cute Fortune Kitty.
(Fuck Hello Kitty, Check this out!)


Okay Time to Head home. Let's walk to Carpark...
We parked very far, so walking there was like a Sight seeing tour of Chinatown.



Maxwell Food Centre.

FairField Methodist Church.

Say Yan Gai (Dead People's Street)
Girls, here got Edward Cullen. Very handsome. Go hunt for IT @ nioght :)

In the car (my cousin's bf's)... yay, no nid waste taxi $$

My cousin got privacy.

Ok reached our main road. Thanks for the ride...

BYE!!! Had a great evening.

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