Dec 26, 2008

Someone(says he's) Reported My Site to the Police, AGAIN !!!

Wahahahahahahaha!, if you look @ the tagboard, there's this guy,prolly the one I offended on Sgforums, who said he reported the site to the police. Regarding my recent bomb joke.

Well, go ahead. Queue Up, make a report, and waste your time. :)

1st there was no hoax, 2nd, maybe u should read "my Lawyer's Advice" under Category Lawsuit.

It's highly possible this guy has no life.Either that or he must be bored sad and lonely. I mean a normal busy guy with a goal in life and people who love him wont take it as a personal vocation to report people's blog early in the morning.

This is the same kind of tattletale kid who will complain to teachers in class and get beaten up by his classmates during recess. LOL..

His happiness is built on whether I get caught by the Police or not. Well, Sorry to disappoint you.. Because I guarantee u I'll still be going about my daily activities today, enjoying my holidays and no police will come:)

To those who dont know, read THIS. There was no bomb hoax, just a normal joke. Perfectly legal.

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