Dec 20, 2008

Breaking News City Hall Is A FAKE NEWS, My Sincere Apologies :(

My Apologies, U know I mean No Harm... Sorry for Scaring Some of you all.
But It was intened a JOKE and revealed as a joke on the same blog post. Not even a HOAX. Maybe call it a prank.
Btw, im apologising for scaring people, NOT because I'm afraid I'll be reported.

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Anonymous said...

be careful what you say, joke or not joke.

the govt have people watching, check your sitemeter, people visits blogs

Anonymous said...

even though u put lala land at the back.. i believe under singapore act , u still will be charged..go read up the law dumbass...

Anonymous said...

school holiday too free ah, hope you will be charged

Anonymous said...

and of ya anyway i screen shot yr first draft..yr merlion today was put after that..and please Merlion + city hall =? lala land?

i fcuk u!! when u link this 2 together..ppl will think of singapore.. so u believe u have a case? i have report u already..the police say they are investigating now..even though u del yr blog now..they have yr ip address.. good luck!!

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