Dec 20, 2008

Okay, Wasnt Funny, I Bombed....

Mostly @ SgForums. Nah, they(my jokes) are not all good. Ever told a bad joke?

I created a joke post, a fake news for Lala land, reporting that Lala Land's City Hall Was bombed.

As i only revealed it was Lalaland @ the end, many people on forum(esp Sgforums) got pissed. I think i really made them believe the news for a second. ;)

In retrospect, lemme show you some of the responses I got on Sgforums after posting the Lala Bombed Fake News.

Just Joking Around. Dont get Angry/Annoyed
-ViciousCycle(Me,right after my fake news)

pls lah. GROW UP. Such things are too serious to be considered as a joke.

u nth betta 2 do urgh...


die... the police are tracing you now.

tracing me for?
hahahaha!!! *points to title* Jokes & Humour Forum!
+ it's not Singapore, it's lala land

honestly, i think he just came out from IMH
FYI: IMH = Insitute of Mental Health

rofl die liao. remember crime watch somewhere last year, got one guy post at a forum saying that toa payoh tio bomb then someone saw it and called the police and the police trace down and the guy was arrested and was fined sia

i think it is not here lah...


but i din say toa payoh, i say lala land

not u lah. i say CRIMEWATCH ok....

It doesnt matter. Orh hor. In a few hrs, U bye bye liao. Good luck.

bye bye:)

Originally posted by AEW5001:
bye bye. we will NOT miss u.
better if u would stay away.

Originally posted by ViciousCycle:
haha^^ u are all loonies(like me)

Originally posted by AEW5001:
u r e only 1, idiot. only an idiot thinks every1 around
him is an idiot.
moderator, pls lock this thread.

So if i tink u guys are smart? Anyway, im going off,

Originally posted by Nelstar:
Hmmmm.... the possibility is negligible.
He underaged plus no polygamy allowed in SG.
Kay, i'm outta here.

(I'm too young for Nelstar to fuck. She is a really old cunt)

OMG, people, the police are @ my door, saw thru the pin
i dare not open
by ViciousCycle

*taken away in handcuffs*
by ViciousCycle

Good riddance.
replied by jayh272416

by tr@nsp0rt_F3V3R:
cya on de news ^^

posted by lifelikedrama:
He's not worth to be in the news. Waste of resources.

posted by lifelikedrama
nope. not a waste. he can appear in the entertainment news to
entertain us

VicousCycle is getting on everyones nerves

Anyway, why are we replying to this thread? Just leave this
place and lby et it burn by itself.
-by deteq


Wow, bad publicity IS publicity.

My post was on their FRONT PAGE.

Along with 2-3 of my other posts as well(Green)

My Apologies, U know I mean No Harm... Sorry for Scaring Some of you all.

But It was clearly a JOKE, written under Jokes and Humour Section @ SgForums, and revealed as a joke on the same line. Not even a HOAX. Maybe call it a prank.

Btw, im apologising for scaring people, NOT because I'm afraid I'll be reported. U wanna report, go report. I have a case here:)

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