Dec 20, 2008

Hi Visitors, I'm about to Make my way to The Police Cantonment Complex later

on my own accord.

Partly because I dont want more people to twist things. No I wont remove the post yet since people are already taking screen shots.

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Anonymous_X said...

yeah right. *roll eyes* do blog afterwards & post the scanned of the police report about your stupid prank, will you?

fupper said...

Hmm, i hope you learn from this incident that some stuffs just cannot be treated as a joke.

The enormity of this issue, compounded by the Mumbai bombing recently(which involves a Singaporean), would have made any of such "incidents" relating to bombing, particularly sensitive.

I hope you wont get into such trouble with the community again and do note that a hoax can amount to an arrest.

Peace out and i hope everything goes out well for you. :)

brennan said...

Are you sure you're making your way to the police complex? Or is it another prank of yours in which you're supposedly heading to the police complex?!

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