Jan 12, 2009

I'm the Top 44 Blogger On BloggerUnited !

Top 44 on BloggeerUnited! BUT BloggerUnited, IMO, is virtually DEAD. I rarely participate in anything there. It's a nice site, like Facebook.
What a waste...

Why don't they make me #1 there instead, because I think my blog is the most interesting(<---lols! Self Praise) Why can't I be Top 44 on Technorati instead ?! Kidding, I got mo 2 learn as far as blogging is concerned. BloggerUnited??? Ok la, Better than nothing. Lols. Maybe I should start participating more there, then I may be @ the Tops. Screenshots

Haha! Ranks of Top 100, I hope there are more than 100 Bloggers listed there...

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Relax said...

Blogger United is still a small community
If we want the ranking to be significant,
we have to help to expand it
otherwise we are like big fishes swimming in small pond.

Lisalicious said...

try asking your readers to join it, and then ask them to vote your post :D

then you will be ranking top 10 soon

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