Jan 10, 2009

Sharing My Marketing Plan: How I intend to Sell CNY snacks

Here's my marketing plan. I'm selling mainly to those who live in the suburbs.

For example, places like Chao Chu Kang,where it is really just a land with endless HDB flats. Residents in these places need to travel a long way just to get to the nearest food outlet. It would be even harder to find a good confectionery.

So I'm pretty confident if I advertise there, I will get a significant number of orders.


People living in the town area would wanna buy from me too, because the snacks are really GOOD! A family friend(she's a chef!) made them. I would buy from her once I get enough orders.

Food quality: 4 stars

Alright, not gonna advertise on a blog entry, but I will put up a link @ the sidebar soon.

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