Mar 3, 2009

Fake Girl on Stomp SEXPOSED!

"How long pain last after xxx with butt?"

Question this 'girl' asked on STOMP. Laughed my ass off. I knew she wasn't a real girl, from the way she types. Yet, the losers on STOMP, especially the user by the nick of Cool_nich, are hitting on her hardcore.

"How long pain last after xxx with butt?
I did it 3days ago but now still pain.
how long does it take to cure?
I cant ask anybody else cus i 16yrs old."

This is followed by a wave of replies from safe sex preachers and sex starved stompers


"Scared pregnant then don't do at all."

"but the feeling nice ma"

That gave 'her' away, at least to me. Still, the series of replies kept coming in. Retarded. They really thought the poster's a real girl. Only a few smelt a rat and asked whose clone 'she' is.

Then Guess what? I WAS RIGHT! Just a prankster anyway.

My true Identity
"I am Cool_nich(his forum name)'s friend. seeing as he cant get girls, i thought i would create one. seems it backfired. sorry bro, and everyone.

"yep. pranked coolnich in the end. i was trying hard to control myself when that missy ann gets annoying."

"so you mean he actually PM-ed you?"

hahaha.. I'd make such a good cop.

Full thread
Laugh your ass off.

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1 comment:

K.WING! said...

GOD Gracious. HAHA. Anal sex. Gays do tht. No doubt if 'she' did it with 'her' boyfriend. HAHA. LOL. Just joking. Not meant to be a sexist. HAHAHAHAHA.

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