Jan 20, 2009

CNY Movies: The Wedding Game Vs. Love Matters (Bet Which 1 will be #1 Box Office?)



I'll bet on Fann Wong and Chris Lee's The Wedding Game.

Firstly 'cause the couple's got hoards of fans.

Well...so does Jack neo, but Jack Neo has been making movies for over 10 years. Some people are getting tired of those movies he makes.

'The Wedding Game" will be a breath of fresh air for Singaporeans.

Love matters, starring HENRY THIA??? C'mon, if I want to watch old people make out, I'll just visit the co-ed retirement home.

But seriously, Love Matters won't fare that badly either. Many hao lian people may laugh @ Jack Neo, but nobody can deny the magnetic force his films always possess. It's like no matter how sucky people say his new films are, you are still gonna catch it. I will for sure, even though Yahoo Movie users have only rated Love Matters 1-star. They depise Jack Neo and his lousy english I think...

Hao Lian fucks who only watch "Hollywood Films". You know what? Hollywood doesn't even care about you.

Time to start catching more local films. It matters more, really :)
That's the case if you want to see more good local movies being made. Watch more, and more good stuff will come up.

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