Feb 20, 2009

HILARIOUS HATE COMMENTS On Dawn And Xiaxue's Phlook :D

Seen them yet???

I'm not even a Phlook member yet but I HEART Phlook already, cos of the sweet mini little comment function for the photos hosted there.

I swear reading the insults on their photos is PURE COMEDY GOLD.
Nope, i didn't post any :p But just reading is fun enough.

You really can't be any funnier than those posters.

Here are some of my personal Favorites :D
Once your there, click on "Notes" at the bottom left corner of the photo to see those comments.

(Pic may load very slow, so Right click, open on new tab)

On Xiaxue's

"Ugly inside out""Didnt Know You Pa Jiao"

"Photoshop liao Still So Ugly"

"Ugly Midget"

On Mike's

"She's God Damn Fake n Fuggly, DUMP HER!!!"
"Loser White Boy WHo Couldn't find a white girl"
"Sissy Looking White trash"

On Dawn's
(U gotta see those pics I link to appreciate these comments man..."

"A low flying Plane may crash into your forehead:D"

"I'm a Plastic Girl Living In a Plastic World"
"Your Eyeballs"
"Look! thats's Dawn Real Boobs!"

There are LOADs of pages of comments, so u may have to search for a while to find those I linked to.

And if you got something funny to add on those photos...

DO IT!^^
Those are barely even enough!

Don't get me wrong, I like both their blogs. But this is just too farnie:D:D:D


XX's Phlook All in one

DY's Phook All In one

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1 comment:

Harmony said...

They're just cooking up a storm out of nothing.
You want to link me in your blog huh? Sure do.

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