Jan 13, 2009

The Terminal Cancer Patient Who Bought Egg rolls...

2 years back, when I was working @ McDonald's , a frail looking woman came to the outlet. She didn't even had the energy to make her way to the counter, so she had me bring her the orders.

We had a small talk, and she revealed that she has cancer.

"Maybe if you go through with the treatment, it will improve?"

"No, terminal..."

For someone who rarely feel bad for anyone, I felt sorry for her.

It was CNY period, she bought egg rolls and offered me some.

She would stop by frequently @ the outlet, and we would chat a little.

I left the job after my vacation, and never heard of her again. I guess she is already dead. it has been 2 years.

That's kinda sad, but we all die. No big deal. But I just don't want to die of cancer la...

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