Jan 13, 2009

My Blog Is 1 Month Old ! Happy 1st month to my blog.

I've gotten into a lot of trouble since starting this blog. Some of which I really can't write here or I'll be prosecuted. I actually opened this blog account in November 2008, and only began serious BLOGGING a month ago.

Total views for this month: About 16 000(check counter below)

Which is pretty pathetic. Xiaxue has this kind of viewership within HALF A DAY!

16 000 views a month, which means around 500 views a day? Hmmm... Sitemeter's stats are slightly different, because it tracks the number of unique readers. Acc. to Sitemeter, this blog averages around 200plus uniques a day, which is pretty bad.

I seriously need some quality posts and good publicity, which i will do once the holidays kick in. This time, I'm gonna do it legally.

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