Jan 13, 2009

Urine Very Noisy Means VIRGIN

This Post Is Not for the Up-TIGHT(lol what a pun)

Quoting from Slutty @ http://elmoism.chocoboard.com/

Overheard in the Toilet while Peeing


Girl A: Wah you urine so noisy!
Girl B: Yah what! You mean you urine no noise meh?
Girl A: No. Mine very quiet. Eee your down there spoil liao.
*loud laughter*
Girl C: Aiyah you virgin lah Girl B!
Girl B: What?! You don't anyhow say ok.
Girl C: It's true lah. When you're a virgin, your down there is tight so the pressure when you urine is strong lor. When you no more virgin then won't have noise.
Girl A: Ya ya! Girl C is correct! Girl B, you are STILL a virgin!
Girl B: Weeeei!!! *flushing noise*
*more laughter*
Me: *totally speechless*

I can't believe this was the conversation I heard this morning when I went to the toilet. Can't believe there are actually people who have this warped mentality!

-_- "

In reply to the above post...

Here's something to think about...

My urine isn't noisy, & I'm a virrrgin. But I'm not a woman.


Before I end this post, I have a pop quiz question for readers.

"Is your urine noisy or not?"

Put your answers @ the tagboard. :)

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