Feb 26, 2009

Dark Blog Backgrounds Are SO much better than Bright Ones And here's Why...

1) Easier on and Better for your eyes. Do you know staring at a white screen isn't exactly the same as staring onto a white piece of paper? It's actually the same as looking into a rapidly flashing LIGHTBULB just that you don't realize it.

2) I bet if u do an experiment, u will find that looking at darker blackgrounds for a longer period of time is far less tiring on the eyes.

Some people find it hard to read [on dark backgrounds] because of the contrast. Well, these people already have bad eyesight to begin with; Astigmatism. Get a good pair of glasses my friend. These people are also the same ones who can't see lights well at night.

But we can all cater to such people using less contrast, i.e; Grey on Black instead of white on Black. I used Dark Green, which I think is even better.

3)Last of all. Black Save Electricity! Do you know Google will save like 183849u4333watts of Electricity if it uses a black background? If you don't believe, GOOGLE it :D.

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Harmony the Sleepy Cat said...

Mine's white leh haha. I think better for my eyes... hmm

*************Andy************ said...

white is okay on a normal place in the day, but when it gets later and u dim all the lights around you, the brightness gets to u.

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