Feb 26, 2009

LOOK ! I transformed my simple+plain Minima Template into A Sophisicated looking SITE!

Isn't the current template I'm using now so much better than the original plain-as-hell Minima Template?

I didn't download from BlogSkins because all their templates are all ready-made. Don't like.

I prefer adding in my own stuff to a simple template myself because different blogs have different needs.

So from just one sidebar, I added in an additional sidebar.
(Just Google 3 column Minima Template)

And I removed the ugly ass banner and changed it onto a Flash Banner.(Pardon the Load time and the watermark of aleosoft.com(the free site I used to make the Flash banner).
(Just Google How to Add Flash to Blog)

Oh and I've also added in a Horizontal Navigation Bar.
(Just Google Horizontal Nav Bar for Blogger)

Then I adjusted the spaces of each column so that the main content area takes up the most space.
(Again, Just Google and Google will teach yew )

Lastly, I changed my background color to Dark Green, [so that it looks like a Blackboard].

The Sidebar and Date Headings were highlighted too :D

I prefer Dark backgrounds to Bright ones.

Here's Why Dark Backgrounds are so Much better than Bright ones.

So I'm just short of a cheesy background image for the blog template to look like a regular "Blogskins" blog, except with TONNES of more spaces.

I don't like those skins on Blogskins because alot of them have fanciful looks but very little space to put in widgets and content.

So what do ya think of this modified minima template:D?

Oh and if you wanna add in stuff to your own blogs but can't despite Google-ing, just leave a comment and I'll reply with the link to the sites I referred to.

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