Dec 29, 2008

I just turned 18. Wee hee !!! Those with Monday Blues come soak up some of my high spirits.

Yay! I'm finally 18, and legal. That also means I have to be more careful about how I blog. Dun Wanna go Jail.

Thanks R. for the Bday wish @ 12am. haha!

And thanks to my new fwen YL for her bday wishes yesterday too. Like me, YL is a blogger and STOMPer, but she's less annoying.




I am not some self important prick, it's okay if some of you all forget my bday 2ml in school.(It's 12 21 am now and I'm still blogging...)

Birthdays are no big thing. On this very day,18 years ago, I fell out of my mum's stinkbox. that's about it. Nth to rejoice over.

Fellow December Babies...

DAVID ARCHULETA! He is 1 day older den me. 28 Dec 1990. He's alot handsomer den me, but he's damn short. Kua Kua... * sticks out toungue*

Excuse me, it's just my own way of maintaining a healthy self esteem.

Blogger KrisAndro. He's born on Christmas.
I think he has damn alot of hits. Got loads to learn from him( or steal from him)

Anways I'm abit drunk har...had some drinks just now. I'm not the type who look like I drink you know. Watching me drink is like watching me drink tea from a barbie cup.

Adious. Sleep time. ZZZzzzzz....

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