Dec 28, 2008

Slutty Pregnant Wife Cheats on Husband , Passed STD to him.

Take a look at this yahoo user...His wife cheated on him while she was pregnant with his child. Contracted STD and passed it to him.


"I should add: Our daughter is mine for a fact. Her affair happened in May and lasted the whole month. I wanted to work things out at the time, but she was very unwilling. Eventually she came around and decided to try to work our problems out. During that time we found out she contracted an STD from him which was passed on to me. Our daughter was born with no complications though in October. She says now that she is happy with me, she's sorry, she loves me more than ever, and that nothing like that will ever happen again. But lately I have been wondering if I really want to stay with someone who could do that to me. I feel like I love her, but to be honest I haven't really sorted all that out yet. I'm really confused about what to do."

In picture: Tori Spelling

The world is turning upside down. Cos normally, it's the other way round. True life accounts of cheating pregnant whores are getting more and more rampant. You can see it all over the Internet. While some may be fake, most are genuine.

Whores should be denied their vaginas. :)

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Anonymous said...

so is bastards with their penises....

I add above line for u...:D

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