Dec 28, 2008

My Blog reported Earthquake hours faster than ChannelNewAsia !!! lol

3 cheers for citizen journalism! If every1 has a camera and a blog, and doesnt lie, who needs reporters ?
CNA's Time of report: 23 16 hrs
My Blog's time of 'report': 7.59 pm(I only blog hours after I knew what happened)

CNA's Report (condensed):

SINGAPORE: Fans of MediaCorp Channel 8's "Little Nyonya" television series turned up in the thousands to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars at Compass Point mall on Saturday.
.......................................The roadshow attracted an estimated 5,000 people to Compass Point.
But it proved too much for the mall's tiles, some of which apparently cracked under the immense weight of all the fans present at the event.

Link to My Blog's report

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