Dec 17, 2008

Multi Level Marketers Strikes Again: Gullible People Beware

My Acquaintance Tried to make me join his MLM !

Just yesterday an acquaintance,B gave me a call, and asked if I want a $$ making opportunity.

We are both teens.

I asked if it's MLM. He said no.(sceptical...)

Feeling a social baggage, i agreed to meet up and he brought me to meet one of the more senior members of the company,G, who tried to rope me into the deal.

Yes it IS MLM!!! Even though G denied it. I asked for the company's name str8 away, and after a quick check on the Web....


Actually, there was no need to check. As soon as G said "distributors who sell each product will get a high profit, and when those people whom you recruit sell, you earn too...",

that was enough info already. MLM 100%. Even if you deny it.

I let her finish and said "I'll get back to you" but never did.

Not that I have no faith but I m not really not the type to sell facial soaps...

I'm not gonna exploit my phone contacts are be ostracised for just a few bucks.

And after checking the net, members have to actually buy inventory that cost thousands of dollars !

Of course G and B wont tell me that. They wanted me to go to their "function" on thursday.

The tickets are like $10each.

Then I lied. I told G to let B 'safekeep' the tickets since B is my friend. And I'll get from B the next day cos I have to go back...blah blah blah

You gotta arm yoursleves with excuses when you are dealing with pushy salesmen.

B called today,to ask if I am going for the function 2ml, maybe collect the tickets from him,($10 each) in the afternoon or something.

I said sorry, cant make it. My family's going on a cruise ;)

Aww so bad...


First of all, I think Multi Level Marketing is a respectable job that will reap success if one is willing to put enough effort and skill into it. It's a like any other job, a JOB.

There's one thing though.

There's an increasing trend whereby MLM companies' members try to deny(hide) the fact that they are on MLM .

Guess they are ashamed of MLM's bad reputation?

I mean if it's MLM, it is MLM. Please dont try to hide it because people will know it sooner or later.

The "lying" normally happens when the MLM members are trying to recruit new downline distributors. They know that these people do not want an MLM sales job.

hence these MLM members will try to mislead those new,young & inexperienced people that they are just a "Trading & Supplying" business.

"high profit margins"---- that's what they would normally say to try to lure you.

For those who dont know what Multi Level Marketing is, look it up on wikipedia.

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