Dec 22, 2008

TimesNewsDaily: Sg Man Divorced Sexually Abusive Wife

A Singaporean Man had divorced his wife for being SEXUALLY ABUSIVE to him. The divorce was granted last Friday at the Subordinate Courts.
Ms Ng,27, reportedly sexually abused her husband, Mr Lim, on a nightly basis, using extremes like whips and furry handcuffs.

The abusive marriage began last year. Loving at first,Ms Ng's midnight sexual appetite grew so huge this man could hardly concentrate during the day because of frequent lack of sleep.

The final straw came last month when Mr Lim had to undergo surgery to correct his dislocated penis.

"I still love him..."Ms Ng told TimesHewsDaily from outside the courtroom,"But it's not my fault he can't keep up with me, I'll get another man for the time being then.."

Before leaving, Ms Ng gave the TimesNewsDaily reporter her number and asked him to "Call me..."

TimesNewsDaily, An Online Fictional News Source, written by a kid-blogger on a holiday.

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