Feb 4, 2009

My Post Got Featured on Stomp.sg !!! Woah....

Finally...they think my topics are worth featuring.
*I'm so touched*

(Click on the shots to enlarge)

Woah...2260 views,61 comments and counting...

7 pages... sweet...

Wahahahahahaaha! My post!
Alright I gotta stop bragging, Not as if I get any $ out of this.

Wanna Read the post and forum ?

Oh before you read, I lied to The_Splurd on Stomp that i'm pretty popular. LOL. Yikes I'm not k? I'm just an ok-ok nice person :)
But gotto brag to haters. It's like errrr... lying to an enemy that a pretty cousin of yours is your girl friend.Geddit?

Speaking of haters, lemme get started on SGFORUMS. Awww... THEY HATE ME! Not that I care about popularity or whatnot. But I can safely say that ViciousCycle's for sure, more popular than those crappy assholes on SGFORUMS.
Seriously i give up some social time to have some fun posting. On the reverse, I'd like to think that SGFORUMS losers post because their social life gave up on them. It's like some of them spend hours and hours on that shitty forum, posting and posting. W/o earning a cent by the way.
Simply just read the way they post. 80% of them are unlikeable, unfunny, and awful.

LOL, im not mad. I like haters, esp SGforums posters.

SGFORUMS haters = A bunch of losers having their stint as 'comedians' online, when they might in fact be sad fucks who don't really get enough attention in high school .

Hey! I've actually made them funnier by allowing them to insult me. On other times, they are fucking boring.

*Sighs*Stomp is so much better.

Here of some very Lame Nicks on there
: 16/f/lonely (haha! Loser Whore.) pewpew(what the crap is that? LOL. Do you know he posts on Singles Club??? okay nuff said...)

No Offense to Nice Sg Forumers. Truth is, lots of people there suck IMO :P

Ahhh... had so much fun, I may sound mad but I'm actually happy and entertained. Forum activity can be as fun a DOTA/Facebook spying ya know?

Alright, My Featured Stomp Post. Here you go:

AW! Shut Up Stomp haters. Stomp forums are your mum's Great Grandma.

Sighs, no one comment on anything on this blog, sad...

My Stomp TRAILS, enjoy...

Take a look @ how everyone hates me on Sgforums :(

seldom go EDMW forums(hardwarezone.com.sg)

Regardless, have a good day ahead yaw^^

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Anonymous said...

about the pregnant thing, i was wondering how come those sitting in the non-priority seats cannot give up for them? Why must be those seats?

Anonymous said...

will find out who you are and post all your information on the net to let others see the real you

Your Mother said...

ahhh shut up.

Lisalicious said...

you got haters!

AndrewViciousCycle said...



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