Feb 21, 2009

This was how I Fucked with an Insurance Agent

Yay !!! Holidays are finally here again! It sucks that the only place I've saved enough to go to is Malaysia. I'm a loser who don't save money.

This has recently made me a target for Saving Plans Insurance Agent.

An AIA insurance agent approached me in school a few weeks ago. I just knew that he is one, he din have to say. He started off saying that he needed to "do a survey" and I was like 'yeah right'. But I did it anyway since he's so poor thing.

A lot of Mums and Dads have Saving Plans cos they need to have savings(for themselves/their children's uni). But why would I, a student need one? Not that saving isn't important but it's $60 per mth for goodness sake.

He tried to make it sound cheap but saying it's $2 per day and can't withdraw your savings until one year later.


DONE...DELETE...Not interested.

And So I said
"It's too expensive, I dun need it yet."

"But a lot of youngsters have it", he said.

"I think a lot of them would rather put $2 in their banks everyday than put it in your insurance PRODUCT. And your company will use all these money you collected and invest it."

"Oh did u just say AIA??? Gawd that company needs to save itself before it even try to save others"

Then he tried to explain AIA's financial crisis that happen a few months back
"Now's recession, every company is bad..."

Then I cut in,
"But AIA is ESPECIALLY bad. Sorry..."

Sales Closed.

He tried to pitch a cheaper plan, but that plan will only come up on that Friday.

And I said...
"Then u Friday then come and ask me again loh..."

(Disclaimer: I wasn't THAT bad la. But I did say most of the things that was written on this entry except in a kinder way. Oh I found out already have a savings plan. My parents bought it long ago so there's no need for 2.)

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Harmony the Sleepy Cat said...

Poor agents :(

*************Andy************ said...

I was just being friendly. It's btr then just declining him, like wad most ppl would do.

Superman said...

Sometimes those insurance and direct sales agents are very annoying...

Lisalicious said...

I dont believe in saving plans... it is a stupid scheme

anyway i find the medical card or those 36 illnesses r good..

especially medi-card

ViciousCycle said...

Hi SuperMANNNN!!!
Some of the ARE VERY annoying. But this guy wasn't that bad. He maintained a professional attitude and wasnt THAT pushy

Depends loh, some ppl really cant save for themselves, so they need schemes or whatsoever to force them to save.

jeff said...

ha i find your comments very funny :p

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