Jan 16, 2009

Neighbours have Sex Until VERY LOUD...& I knocked (LOL!)

I used to have this middle aged woman living next to me. She is a widow, but I think she did bring home guys to bang.
Correction: to BANG!
I would see different guys leaving her apartment every morning.


Everytime they were on it, I would be able to hear them. It usually starts around midnight. And the woman always sounded like she was shitting, or having diarrhea...
(*imagine the sound of a person having diarrhea* i cant imitate it here because no podcasts yet.)

Basically it goes like.... "Oh yeah baby, oooh oohh ahhh ahhh, ugh ugh, oh yes! yes! AHHH!!!"

So intense one meh?

I couldn't hear much of the guy though.

At one point in time, I thought it would be fun if I were to interrupt them a little.

I went up to their doorstep... It was like going near a speaker. The sex sounds got so loud, they permeate the door. It was like they were fucking in my ear.

In the midst of the oohs and ahhhs, I knocked, in a strange rhythm....

"oohh, oh yes! Ugh!!! Baby!!!"

*Knock knock*

*Moans stopped abruptly**silence filled the night*

" Who's there?!!" the woman asked apprehensively from within.

I giggled and hurried back to my unit.

I'd call this the Ultimate Knock Knock Joke.

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Rinko said...

win liao lor

u might as well say 'police' then run XD

geek said...

hahah... So active ar your neighbour. I assume she's a quite hot middleaged lady..:P

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