Dec 31, 2008

MUST Go to Marina Bay's Countdown Party 2night !!! Weeeee!!!!!

Why? It's been a bad year so we all really need to celebrate moving on. 2009 may be worse but I'm glad 2008 is over. A lot of bad things have happened, both personally and globally.

Don't go VivoCity's countdown. Went last year, it sucked. A shopping Centre with Loud music. That's all...


Check out this sucky shopping mall, and spit on it.


Why not GO Marina Bay ? Singapore Flyer broke down but it won't matter. Was there 2 years ago...





I'm not even a fireworks fan.

But if you were THERE, i guarantee you the minute the clock strikes 12, the bright eruption of the fire works will 'rock your soul' and you will literally feel BRAND NEW!


Cheapo, cheesy, gross advertisement for Marina Bay.


With that, ViciousCycle.blogspot would like to say:


So that when 2009 concludes itself, we will all have some accomplishments to celebrate for.

Well wishing is meant for good' ol nice souls (like myself).

If your an evil, nasty, bitch, here's another set of well wishing for yaw:

I hope you get some form of inoperable cancer sometime this year.

Kidding :)

Teachers Shouldn't act like they are some kinda BIG FUCK(s)

UPDATE: Mr G has resumed to be being a teacher who puts in effort to make lessons more interesting. I'm glad. :)

Teachers, meaning lecturers too. I'm in a tertiary institution, a prospective media practitioner. Recently I got this part time lecturer who teaches us night classes. I like him. I think he's a nice person outside of school.

Students Msn-ing during Lessons, Teachers walk out of class
My classmates are a complacent bunch, who will msn during lessons. So far 2 teachers have walked out of our lessons on a few occasions, because "we weren't interested".
2 teachers, including this part time lecturer.

Call him Mr.G.

Walking out of class is a form of Control, but sometimes teachers over-do it
I'm okay with teachers walking out of class. Really, because we deserve it. If teachers don't show a bit of attitude, the students won't sit up and start paying attention.

But yesterday, Mr. G crossed the line IMO. I didn't like how Mr.G. conducted himself and the way he dealt with the talkative lot of students.

An almost accurate Re-enactment(this was roughly what I heard him say)

Mr G's handphone rang during lesson
In the middle of explaining the powerpoint slides, Mr G.'s handphone rang. he picked up and chit chatted for a few minutes.

"Omg, we pay school fees for him to talk on his phone during lessons meh??!!!"
"Ya lor !!!"

-mumblings from 2 girls sitting behind me.

Phone call ended. He went back to teaching. Didn't say sorry or anything.
This happens almost every other lesson. And one time when I was giving him my presentation. And I'm very interesting one okay ??? Got time limit one leh!

Students' jokes and teases
"Mr G! Your wife ah??!!!"...."News for you, she's pregnant"...*laughters*

Mr G recently got married.

He then dished some relationship advices to us teenagers.

Cute Lecturer^^. Not bad...Not bad... Lols!

(Quotes) Mr G : " Sex! Sex! Sex!, if i tell u I don't have sex, will you all believe me?"(makes a face)


One thing led to another...

Mr G. Starts to get annoyed
(*chatters* students chatting while lecture was ongoing)

Mr.G: Hey ppl, u all really not interested I can just end lesson now you know? U all play msn I close one eye alrd, and now this (blah blah blah...)

*silence across the room*approx 2 secs

Mr.G: Okay loh, we can end this. 12 more slides, and I'll just skip and we end class. It's gonna come out in exams, so you all pasar(translation:lose out? )

*silence across the room* approx 1 sec

Mr G Loses it
,Threatens students

Mr G. arranged something on his desk. After that he started speaking again.

Mr.G: This year , I'm not gonna give any exam tips to THIS batch. And I'd be very strict when marking your exam papers.

Yes IM THE ONE MARKING! And There shall be alot of failures then...

*Silence across the room* 1 sec

Mr G : I've always been the Santa Claus for the past 3 batches, i'm not gonna continue for this batch. I've had it!

(tip: lose some weight loh... then u will not be Santa Claus alrd. Fat people all look a bit like Santa Claus)

Mr.G Says He's Very Rich, No Need This Teaching Job
Mr G: Lemme tell u I don't fucking need this job okay!
I got a few Million dollar deals with clients later on... I don't need to teach here okay! I don't need this money! I have enough of it.

For once I thought he sounded like one of those lao uncles who like to brag about their wealth at coffee shops.

*eyes rolling*

Ok, ok I geddit!!! U are rich. U don't need this job. So u can make us all fail, and it wont be your business. Because even if you get sacked, you still have a career outside.

(to those people who dunno, I'm using sarcasm hor... lols, sry if i insult your intelligence, but come ppl abit slow lah..)

Lesson resumed...(Got one time he really ended the lesson and walked out of the lecture, if I remembered correctly)

In all Fairness...
I think Mr.G is just using reverse psychology to tame this class. I understand that.
but hello?? this isn't a freaking PRISON.

And I don't think it will work loh... U tell me we students will listen meh??

Half of us prolly hated Mr G for a moment because he threatened to not tell us exam tips. And raise failure rates by vowing to mark very strictly.

This isn't against the school rules (for teachers) but it's a very poor display of people management.

Teachers should NOT put their student's academic performance in jeopardy, even if it's just an empty threat for control.

We ll see if his "tantrums" worked out. Exams in Mid February.
5-6 more weeks of him.

Mr G, if you are reading this...

Mr.G, if you are reading this, please do know it is nothing personal. Just an honest opinion. Tell me if I've misreported anything here.

To School and Mr.G: No court cases huh!!! This is the truth and only the truth. An honest reflection.

I don't mind getting into a Part-time lecturer's bad books anyway. I don't suck up.

p.s. I don't need this module's grade.
And no matter how strictly a teacher mark, i ll still do okay because I'm kinda good at these tests lah:)

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! :) <----fake smiley, I'm not smiling when I type this

Xiaxue is dead???? OMG Stomp said! Accident!

80% just rumour, but it seems like she's really dead. Her blog doesnt have new posts for like so many weeks. She's in America, and u know how unsafe that country is?

God, please no. She may be a real bitch but i don't want her to die :(


Xiaxue passed away in a car crash along the highways of Dallas, USA on Christmas Day 2008 at approximately 5.30 p.m.[23] She was driving alone. Since then, her blog has been rendered unactive and will probably remain so."---posted by nousername

"Who cares?

LOL."---posted b y reverselotus

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Dec 29, 2008

I just turned 18. Wee hee !!! Those with Monday Blues come soak up some of my high spirits.

Yay! I'm finally 18, and legal. That also means I have to be more careful about how I blog. Dun Wanna go Jail.

Thanks R. for the Bday wish @ 12am. haha!

And thanks to my new fwen YL for her bday wishes yesterday too. Like me, YL is a blogger and STOMPer, but she's less annoying.




I am not some self important prick, it's okay if some of you all forget my bday 2ml in school.(It's 12 21 am now and I'm still blogging...)

Birthdays are no big thing. On this very day,18 years ago, I fell out of my mum's stinkbox. that's about it. Nth to rejoice over.

Fellow December Babies...

DAVID ARCHULETA! He is 1 day older den me. 28 Dec 1990. He's alot handsomer den me, but he's damn short. Kua Kua... * sticks out toungue*

Excuse me, it's just my own way of maintaining a healthy self esteem.

Blogger KrisAndro. He's born on Christmas.
I think he has damn alot of hits. Got loads to learn from him( or steal from him)

Anways I'm abit drunk har...had some drinks just now. I'm not the type who look like I drink you know. Watching me drink is like watching me drink tea from a barbie cup.

Adious. Sleep time. ZZZzzzzz....

Dec 28, 2008

Slutty Pregnant Wife Cheats on Husband , Passed STD to him.

Take a look at this yahoo user...His wife cheated on him while she was pregnant with his child. Contracted STD and passed it to him.


"I should add: Our daughter is mine for a fact. Her affair happened in May and lasted the whole month. I wanted to work things out at the time, but she was very unwilling. Eventually she came around and decided to try to work our problems out. During that time we found out she contracted an STD from him which was passed on to me. Our daughter was born with no complications though in October. She says now that she is happy with me, she's sorry, she loves me more than ever, and that nothing like that will ever happen again. But lately I have been wondering if I really want to stay with someone who could do that to me. I feel like I love her, but to be honest I haven't really sorted all that out yet. I'm really confused about what to do."

In picture: Tori Spelling

The world is turning upside down. Cos normally, it's the other way round. True life accounts of cheating pregnant whores are getting more and more rampant. You can see it all over the Internet. While some may be fake, most are genuine.

Whores should be denied their vaginas. :)

Original Source

My Blog reported Earthquake hours faster than ChannelNewAsia !!! lol

3 cheers for citizen journalism! If every1 has a camera and a blog, and doesnt lie, who needs reporters ?
CNA's Time of report: 23 16 hrs
My Blog's time of 'report': 7.59 pm(I only blog hours after I knew what happened)

CNA's Report (condensed):

SINGAPORE: Fans of MediaCorp Channel 8's "Little Nyonya" television series turned up in the thousands to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars at Compass Point mall on Saturday.
.......................................The roadshow attracted an estimated 5,000 people to Compass Point.
But it proved too much for the mall's tiles, some of which apparently cracked under the immense weight of all the fans present at the event.

Link to My Blog's report

Dec 27, 2008

Mini EarthQuake @ Compass point 2day. Floor cracked where Little Nonya performed.

My mum and my sis were there earlier today @ Compass point to catch the Cast of Little Nonya. The place was PACKED.
Then the floor around the stage area started to crack. It was very loud! No pics, but this is the truth.

My mum and sis didn't managed to see the cast of little nonya. There were far too many people.

Steven Lim is Starting a COurt Case with me soon!!! Omg im so scared :)

Look @ cbox

Steven Lim: no case?? i start a court case with you soon...

Right :)


Lesbian Ganged Raped Repeatedly

"SAN FRANCISCO - A woman in the San Francisco Bay area was jumped by four men, taunted for being a lesbian, repeatedly raped and left naked outside an abandoned apartment building, authorities said Monday."---AP

All i know is...She really HATED IT, or IT(s).

Full story @

7-11 cashier told me he was from ACSI. WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

"It has already been said. The act was for a video competition. Why can't useless non-ACS educated idiots understand?No wonder only we ACSians are the smartest, able and allowed to try the newest items of the block... e.g. IB, which you people do not even have a standard to own that."
--quoting from the comments section on Singapore Seen. Some proud ACSI student left it, judging from what he wrote.

So dumb...

I don't buy that 'Top Schools' hype ok? Those proud People from"top schools" should really start to humble up. I was from a "top school" myself and I rarely even mention it. PSLE good only mah... SO???

Being in an Independant school doesn't mean you are any better. It's much more expensive so you're just leeching off your parents before you even know how to make a cent.

So what if you are taking the IB? It's just an A- level equivalent. What a freak... It wont land you on any decent job yet. Why not wait till you graduate and start working before you brag about how much you make.

Here's something really interesting...I was @ 7-11 that day, the cashier said he was from ACSI. :)

So Stop living in self delusion, shut up, take your IB, go to NS and disappear.

p.s. not all independant school students are stuck up. Only those mediocre students in there have the need to brag.

Page link:

Dec 26, 2008

Steven Lim THREATENED to SUE ME!!! Wahahahahaha!!!

Take a Look @ my cbox @ sidebar. I think he's really steven lim. Sounds like him.

26 Dec 08, 14:36Steven Lim: hey, who ever you are...i dun have 5k to give?? when did that happen?? where do u get that idea?? why not take a look at this and mulitply the numbers... see this

He then send this link

Steven Lim: .....

Ooops he ot his own url wrong, so he send another link ...

26 Dec 08, 14:36
Steven Lim: .....

26 Dec 08, 14:37
Steven Lim: if i have 600 models, even each pay 100 dollars only..wat is the final figure..

Steven Lim: dun let me reportedly sue you for defamation..thanks

hahahaha! "reportedly sue you" (4 your engRish)
Then I replied...

ViciousCycle: lols r u steven lim?? lols. No u can't sue me. read the post 2nd time
26 Dec 08, 14:37

I was being very nice. No need to ridicule him mah... he's pathetic already.

The original post I made about him offering 5k to whoever willing to be his gf

p.s. i tink your models all surely bo seng lee one. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Model=/= SuperModel

Update: Steven Lim returned. ASked me to edit

26 Dec 08, 18:37
Steven Lim: who ever dun have 5000 in their banks is ridiculous
26 Dec 08, 18:37
Steven Lim: i m telling you now...i have 5000 to give away...edit your post now..

26 Dec 08, 18:46
ViciousCycle: Ask the original person who said tt to edit. it is believed that u didnt give, Reported. Im just
saying what was reported :p Wanna sue, sue the originator. Ciaox

ViciousCycle: :p and fren, dun think about asking me to do anything or sueing me. U got no case.

Well, if you wanna make a fool of yourself on tv and youtube, no one takes u seriously anymore. What to do??? :(

Best/Worst of Blogosphere 2008 & Welcome 2009 !!!

As the year comes to a close, let us relive several of the most memorable/shocking events this year, on the local , regional & global Blogosphere.

1) Edison Chen's Sex Photo Scandal

The Movie Star sent his laptop to a repair shop, without deleting the sex photos of him with
various women, including actresses Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, and Cecelia Chung.

The photos made their way online and became an instant sensation.

Like a huge earthquake with tremendous aftershocks, the photos claimed victims, namely to the ones who starred in it.

Newly married Cecelia Chung went into recluse.

Husband Nicholas Tse became the Cuckold of the year.

And the Cuckold of the Year 2008 goes to....


Gillian Chung stopped performing...

And the main guy, Edison Chen had to pack up and leave for Canada...


Well, moral of the story: Cute guys don't have Big dicks. that's prolly why Nicholas Tse and Cecelia Chung are still together right???

2) Obama'08

Facebook/Myspace? profiles in support of his presidential campaign. As the election day draws nearer, the Internet community was totally CONSUMED with Obamania. Opinion polling on practically every other site. + Endless posts about the soon to be 1st Black president of the Leader of the Free World.

And he won...

Never underestimate the Power of the Internet!!! McCain doesnt know how to use the computer...That's prolly why he lost.

3) Xiaxue Vs Dawn Yang

2 of them are both popular bloggers in Singapore. Then One fine day Xiaxue thought it would be fun to lash out at her rival, mainly poking fun at Dawn supposed heavy use of plastic surgery and her lying about it.

Dawn then filed a defamation suit against Xiaxue. Fearing 'bankruptcy', Xiaxue posted a letter of apology but asserted that she wasnt apologising and challenged Dawn to "Bring It!!!"

Then Blog "The Many Lies Of Dawn" appeared, exposing Dawn Yang for using mulitiple accounts on Cozycots forumz to defend herself and critisise other female celebs. Dawn yang was also found to have plagarised blog entries.

The fire blew over. Dawn headed to USA, but not before going to Sydney...

Her best friend Xiaxue went to Sydney too...

Following that, many other youtubers announced that were going to Sydney as well. There were remixes and all. Fun stuff...

4) Sg "Hunk" Steven Lim looks for a girlfriend, paying $5000 to any girl who's willing

who's this? Your Girlfriend? Ai sio gan mai?? LMAO!!!

As it turned out, it was said that Steven Lim didn't really have 5k to give away. He also reportedly made the girls who went out with him buy things for him.


And he made 'porn' on youtube too! with this girl who..err is as good looking as my butt crack.

Alrites, time for some sweet stuffs.

5) Rinaz's Internet Wedding!
Bold "They met on Second Life, they quarrelled, they met in real life, and they got married"--Mohd Hisham

Blogger Rinaz held her wedding days ago, with a live internet Stream!!!

That's really cool!

6)Vivian Chow & bf Joe Ni's Cheating on FaceBook

Joe Ni hit on girls openly on Facebook,and had cheated on Vivian 19 times in total !

they broke up...

eh wait, Vivian Chow, decided to take him back,

eh wait, she broke up with him again,

eh wait, She's marrying him!!!

Eh wait!! they are already married, 10 years ago!

Wow, i can't keep up

7)City Hall(of Lala Land) Bomb

New Blogger ViciousCycle(That's me!) caused a mini stir when he published a fake news, about a bomb explosion @ City Hall, of Lala Land on his blog.

This prompted sevveral angry netizens to report the blog to the Police.Well, nothing has happened, yet.

The blogger received tons of hate mail. Visits over the few days skyrocketed, as much as 2000hits per day. Blog post went up to the top of


Number 8, 9 ,10
are Left Blank,
for the events I have missed, and for vacancies for the remaining few days before 2009.
Who knows. the next most earth shattering thing might just happen in the course of the next few days. I gotta keep my fingers crossed.

With that, i'd like to wish everyone


May your new year be filled with joy and laughter and most importantly, Success.

Welcome 2009!!!

Someone(says he's) Reported My Site to the Police, AGAIN !!!

Wahahahahahahaha!, if you look @ the tagboard, there's this guy,prolly the one I offended on Sgforums, who said he reported the site to the police. Regarding my recent bomb joke.

Well, go ahead. Queue Up, make a report, and waste your time. :)

1st there was no hoax, 2nd, maybe u should read "my Lawyer's Advice" under Category Lawsuit.

It's highly possible this guy has no life.Either that or he must be bored sad and lonely. I mean a normal busy guy with a goal in life and people who love him wont take it as a personal vocation to report people's blog early in the morning.

This is the same kind of tattletale kid who will complain to teachers in class and get beaten up by his classmates during recess. LOL..

His happiness is built on whether I get caught by the Police or not. Well, Sorry to disappoint you.. Because I guarantee u I'll still be going about my daily activities today, enjoying my holidays and no police will come:)

To those who dont know, read THIS. There was no bomb hoax, just a normal joke. Perfectly legal.

Msian Hospital Doc have Sex with Unconcious PAtient Links to pix (for Stomp Users)

Dec 25, 2008

At the Urinal...(Xmas Eve true story!)

Was at the urinal at a 5 star hotel(xmas wedding dinner), an uncle was using the urinal a few stalls next to me, He was peeing halfway then PIAK!!! he farted. LOL!

Dec 24, 2008

Emailed Steven Lim, and he emailed back

Out of mischief, I emailed Steven Lim , posing as an american girl(Badly) who just moved into town.

Subject: Hi, I think ya cool ^^
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2008 16:08:58 +0800

Hi Stevie,
I just moved here(an mo kio) from Texas. It's been a month now.
Saw your videos on youtube and I think you're cool.^^
You reminded me of my 1st boyfriend lolx.
Feel free to add me on msn. I wanna chat with you sometime.


And he emailed back.


steven lim (
Sent:23 December 2008 14: 43PM

hi! hhaha..i dun think u are real.... you got pictures??
you could contact me directly at 9385XXXX..
thanks lots for the support!!!

take care..

Steven Lim

Wahahahahahaha! This is fun man.... An earth shattering prank call on the way.

Dec 22, 2008

TimesNewsDaily: Sg Man Divorced Sexually Abusive Wife

A Singaporean Man had divorced his wife for being SEXUALLY ABUSIVE to him. The divorce was granted last Friday at the Subordinate Courts.
Ms Ng,27, reportedly sexually abused her husband, Mr Lim, on a nightly basis, using extremes like whips and furry handcuffs.

The abusive marriage began last year. Loving at first,Ms Ng's midnight sexual appetite grew so huge this man could hardly concentrate during the day because of frequent lack of sleep.

The final straw came last month when Mr Lim had to undergo surgery to correct his dislocated penis.

"I still love him..."Ms Ng told TimesHewsDaily from outside the courtroom,"But it's not my fault he can't keep up with me, I'll get another man for the time being then.."

Before leaving, Ms Ng gave the TimesNewsDaily reporter her number and asked him to "Call me..."

TimesNewsDaily, An Online Fictional News Source, written by a kid-blogger on a holiday.

Dec 21, 2008

Woman Caught Keeping Chimp as Sex Slave for 5 years ---Times Daily News

A 42-year old widow, had been caught for keeping an illegal pet and having carnal relations with it. It was not just any pet, but a Chimpanzee!
This horrific violation of the laws of nature shed it's light last Saturday when a pizza delivery rider delivered pizza to the Queenstown flat where the woman lives.

Hamis,18, allegedly heard muffled moans from within the flat when he arrived at the doorstep.

"I knew there was something going on, but i gotta do my job still..."

Hamis then rang the doorsbell and a naked woman in her fourties answered.

"She paid me, and asked me if I wanted to come inside for 'tea'. "

The woman even offered to pay the boy in return for sexual favours.

"When I refused, she said she can pay me a 100."

Hamis kindly declined her proposal but what happened next gave him a shock of his life.According to Hamis, a pair of hairy arms suddenly grabbed the woman from behind, pinned her down, and started having sex with her.

"It was huge!"

Hamis left the place immediately and dialled 999.

The police arrived shortly, broke down the door, and caught King kong and his mistress in the act. They were apparently caught by surprise.

"I didnt expect that boy to report me, and I was in the midst of giving my Kong Kong a blowjob...What a bummer!" the woman told Singapore Times before being taken away,

"And I need a new door !".

The chimpanzee was eventually subdued by a team of veterinarians after a 15-minute struggle.

During the whole struggle, Times Daily noticed something interesting;the chimpanzee was wearing a condom.

This chimpanzee is believed to be stolen from the Singapore Zoological Gardens 5 years ago.

The woman, identified as Mrs Lim, was released on bail at $10000 and is facing a possible 10 years of jail.

The chimpanzee is currently residing in the SPCA, and given alot of sex daily.

Times News Daily, an Online Ficitional News Source, owned by

Prospective Lawyer says I could be Charged with what I wrote on Blog...

Caution:(800 words, prepare Coffee and some snacks and take your time. But guarantee worth reading!)

This afternoon, before I actually go to the Police myself, I received legal advice from a prospective lawyer regarding my Lala Land City Hall Blog post. He’s a friend, a law student.

I can’t really digest the Law jargon, but let me just briefly highlight the main idea.

I’m in an Ambiguous Situation.
According to him, I have landed myself in an ambiguous situation because of the nature of my blog post. This is because it is written in a context of a joke (albeit a bad one).

There’s a law against Racial Comments/jokes, but a Law Against A tasteless joke?

I think many of you have put me under the same category of making fake news and bomb hoaxes. My friend saw my blog post and concluded that this isn’t really the case. This is because in the law’s eye, my blog post wasn’t exactly a hoax. As I have clearly stated that it’s a joke at the end of the post. If there’s any law that prohibits a tasteless’s really up to the judge. I can be charged. Like, a racial joke is actually more punishable than that joke-news posts I made, because no feelings were hurt in this case. Racial Jokes you write on forums > My joke blog post

Why I can be charged? And what’s the penalty?
Reasonable people will be able to read the entire post and realise that bomb is at the fictional universe: La La Land and NOT Singapore.

HOWEVER,I can still be charged because it is clear that I intended to give readers a scare before I reveal the truth. This may instil fear upon the public, should some individuals be misled. In other words, I’m actually spoiling Singapore’s state of peace.

The penalty for Mischief is imprisonment of up to three months, or a fine, or both
(Since I’m not 18 yet, and have reasonable good record, a lawyer can appeal for a much lighter sentence.)

Why I Might NOT Be Charged
It’s true that such a post may mislead readers who don’t read the full post (just the headline?). However, my intention for the blog post is to first scare readers with the headlines, make them read the rest of the post so as to be led into the truth.(it’s a joke!)

This is not the case where say... I lied to police that there’s a bomb at so & so.

There is no malice or intent of disruption because I actually wanted people to know that the blog post is fake, and had clearly stated it’s fake (on the fictional land of Lala, and not Singapore.)
Moreover, the magnitude of “fear instillation” (if any) may not be large enough to create significant damage.
(C’mon, reading things from a blogger on forums?)

As Heavy an Offense As A Drunk Person Pushing People on the Streets
Perhaps I’m placed on the same bar as annoyance to the public? Like how a drunk man shouts and shove people on the streets?

I was advised to just stay put for the time being
With my situation, I may or may not be charged by the Police. My friend advised that I need not report myself to the police in an attempt to “clear things up”.

This is because the police would have begun and completed investigation by now if someone had reported me.

I would just have to wait to see if the Police decide to prosecute me, and from then I can decide if I would defend my case in court (which I most likely won’t, so ex!)

Maximum Penalty: Fine or 3 months or both, but being under 18 and someone with a clean record, charges would normally be a lot lesser or none at all.

C’mon, that 17 year old guy who stole people’s internet AVOIDED 3 years of Jalil! What is my little joke post compared to his? Even Gan Huai Shi, that boy who posted seditious comments isn’t in jail!

In Closing, Let me Re introduce Myself...

With that, I would like to end this saga. FYI, if you know me in person, I’m very sure you will find me very nice(the sincere, angelic kind) I’m serious! Don’t be so quick to judge me just because I make a playful prank post okayyyy...

Here’s a proper apology for those who think I wasn’t sincere.

To readers who experienced a moment of panic after reading the headine I typed,

I would like to give my utmost apologies. It was my poor taste and bad judgment and I assure you there won’t be a 2nd time.

(im only apologising to people who were REALLY shocked. Not those who very free come here post shit comments. I hope you people get cancer!)
Yes, I'm advertsing this blog everywhere, and i dont think it's attention seeking in a bad way.
If your boss ask you advertise for a client to make $, can u be NOT attention seeking?

Except im my own Boss here lah:) The subsequent blog articles i make will be filled with fun so please do return:)

People Who Sorta Defended Me

As bitter at the situation was, there were actually many people who were sorta defending my blog entry. Thank You? Haha^^

Here are the screenshots, taken from Stomp, HWZ and my own blog. Nope, they aren’t my clones I swear.

For the right Order,Read From Bottom to top, Click to Enlarge.

Dec 20, 2008

Post Removed---But Screenshots can be seen here

The Screen shots are to basically prove that I didnt creata hoax but a Fake News,which was Clarified @ the end of my blog post.

Hi Visitors, I'm about to Make my way to The Police Cantonment Complex later

on my own accord.

Partly because I dont want more people to twist things. No I wont remove the post yet since people are already taking screen shots.

Click for Update: Advice From My Lawyer

Breaking News City Hall Is A FAKE NEWS, My Sincere Apologies :(

My Apologies, U know I mean No Harm... Sorry for Scaring Some of you all.
But It was intened a JOKE and revealed as a joke on the same blog post. Not even a HOAX. Maybe call it a prank.
Btw, im apologising for scaring people, NOT because I'm afraid I'll be reported.

Okay, Wasnt Funny, I Bombed....

Mostly @ SgForums. Nah, they(my jokes) are not all good. Ever told a bad joke?

I created a joke post, a fake news for Lala land, reporting that Lala Land's City Hall Was bombed.

As i only revealed it was Lalaland @ the end, many people on forum(esp Sgforums) got pissed. I think i really made them believe the news for a second. ;)

In retrospect, lemme show you some of the responses I got on Sgforums after posting the Lala Bombed Fake News.

Just Joking Around. Dont get Angry/Annoyed
-ViciousCycle(Me,right after my fake news)

pls lah. GROW UP. Such things are too serious to be considered as a joke.

u nth betta 2 do urgh...


die... the police are tracing you now.

tracing me for?
hahahaha!!! *points to title* Jokes & Humour Forum!
+ it's not Singapore, it's lala land

honestly, i think he just came out from IMH
FYI: IMH = Insitute of Mental Health

rofl die liao. remember crime watch somewhere last year, got one guy post at a forum saying that toa payoh tio bomb then someone saw it and called the police and the police trace down and the guy was arrested and was fined sia

i think it is not here lah...


but i din say toa payoh, i say lala land

not u lah. i say CRIMEWATCH ok....

It doesnt matter. Orh hor. In a few hrs, U bye bye liao. Good luck.

bye bye:)

Originally posted by AEW5001:
bye bye. we will NOT miss u.
better if u would stay away.

Originally posted by ViciousCycle:
haha^^ u are all loonies(like me)

Originally posted by AEW5001:
u r e only 1, idiot. only an idiot thinks every1 around
him is an idiot.
moderator, pls lock this thread.

So if i tink u guys are smart? Anyway, im going off,

Originally posted by Nelstar:
Hmmmm.... the possibility is negligible.
He underaged plus no polygamy allowed in SG.
Kay, i'm outta here.

(I'm too young for Nelstar to fuck. She is a really old cunt)

OMG, people, the police are @ my door, saw thru the pin
i dare not open
by ViciousCycle

*taken away in handcuffs*
by ViciousCycle

Good riddance.
replied by jayh272416

by tr@nsp0rt_F3V3R:
cya on de news ^^

posted by lifelikedrama:
He's not worth to be in the news. Waste of resources.

posted by lifelikedrama
nope. not a waste. he can appear in the entertainment news to
entertain us

VicousCycle is getting on everyones nerves

Anyway, why are we replying to this thread? Just leave this
place and lby et it burn by itself.
-by deteq


Wow, bad publicity IS publicity.

My post was on their FRONT PAGE.

Along with 2-3 of my other posts as well(Green)

My Apologies, U know I mean No Harm... Sorry for Scaring Some of you all.

But It was clearly a JOKE, written under Jokes and Humour Section @ SgForums, and revealed as a joke on the same line. Not even a HOAX. Maybe call it a prank.

Btw, im apologising for scaring people, NOT because I'm afraid I'll be reported. U wanna report, go report. I have a case here:)

Dec 19, 2008

Me & Tranny, the Second Outing

So where were we...

the last entry I said one of my friend invited a transsexual to join us for Dinner @ Cineleisure ...

Fun facts About This Tranny

This tranny, you know what?...

1) (s)He has no name. and doesn't talk

We were being nice, and introduced ourselves, but he just kept quiet like there's something in his throat.


When we asked what's his name, he shook his head, and didn't wanna answer.

Eee year, act shy? Stop pulling with one of those 'little girl' shenanigans ! You disgust me. You are not even a girl.

My friend who invited her gave her a name "Bunny". Yucks? I wonder whats wrong with this friend. Can you choose a less kinky nick name? This freak of a tranny doesn't cut it. He's a short, malnutritioned, UGLY tranny with thick specs. Why don't u call him Fugly instead?

Since he was being so unnaturally quiet, we carried on with our conversations, kinda like excluding her. Hello, we tried to include you but if you dont wanna talk, we cant force you. Why do you even bother going out. Just stay @ "home"? In your padded room^^.

2) He is still a guy

His mum confiscated his hormone pills, and now he's half-fucked. Deformed.
He still uses the Gents btw, but a forum poster suggested he use the HANDICAP TOILET.

The 2nd outing with him, He's SOCIALLY RETARDED

Speaking of being handicapped, this tranny is completely SOCIALLY HANDICAPPED.

Actually,for this 2nd outing, I didn't know this tranny was going. But when I reached there, he was there, with that friend of mine. NOT AGAIN.

We went to dine @ Sake Sushi(four of us.Myself, 2 of my friends & the tranny)
All of us were done ordering except tranny. He doesn't know what he should get. Or if he should eat or should he not. Cant decide...

(roll eyes...)

After waiting for 5 minutes, I summoned the waiter to take our orders 1st.
This time he did talk abit, but still very reserved.

After the meal...

We were still seated @ the table, deciding on our later plans---Which Movie to watch etc
We checked the showtimes on my phone and the movie will be starting in 10 minutes.

Then the tranny clutched his tummy and stiffened(or was it an act?)

Okay Good, he's finally dying.

"You okay?"


"You wanna go toilet or something, we can wait for you"

*Shakes head*"It's not the toilet kind"

"U want get something from Guardian to ease the bloated-ness?" I suggested

*Shakes head*

(THEN WHAT DO YOU WANT? SIT HERE and make us miss our movie. You FUCKTARD !)

"I wanna go home"
(ok, off you go then)

But he didnt really mean it. We wanted to walk to the MRT already but he still sat there, and didnt wanna move. I felt like sticking a fork in his throat.

Yes, he didnt go home. He went to the movie with us.

Oh and he has the cheek to whine and say he wanna "Shop"

Yucks, acting girly again. And your "tummyache" okay already har...????

SHOPPP???Hello, I don't think anyone wants to sell anything to you.


I never went out with him again.

Next Post... the TRANNY: the Fallout
"Now even my friend (the one who will invite the tranny to our outings) can't stand her anymore."

Dec 17, 2008

Multi Level Marketers Strikes Again: Gullible People Beware

My Acquaintance Tried to make me join his MLM !

Just yesterday an acquaintance,B gave me a call, and asked if I want a $$ making opportunity.

We are both teens.

I asked if it's MLM. He said no.(sceptical...)

Feeling a social baggage, i agreed to meet up and he brought me to meet one of the more senior members of the company,G, who tried to rope me into the deal.

Yes it IS MLM!!! Even though G denied it. I asked for the company's name str8 away, and after a quick check on the Web....


Actually, there was no need to check. As soon as G said "distributors who sell each product will get a high profit, and when those people whom you recruit sell, you earn too...",

that was enough info already. MLM 100%. Even if you deny it.

I let her finish and said "I'll get back to you" but never did.

Not that I have no faith but I m not really not the type to sell facial soaps...

I'm not gonna exploit my phone contacts are be ostracised for just a few bucks.

And after checking the net, members have to actually buy inventory that cost thousands of dollars !

Of course G and B wont tell me that. They wanted me to go to their "function" on thursday.

The tickets are like $10each.

Then I lied. I told G to let B 'safekeep' the tickets since B is my friend. And I'll get from B the next day cos I have to go back...blah blah blah

You gotta arm yoursleves with excuses when you are dealing with pushy salesmen.

B called today,to ask if I am going for the function 2ml, maybe collect the tickets from him,($10 each) in the afternoon or something.

I said sorry, cant make it. My family's going on a cruise ;)

Aww so bad...


First of all, I think Multi Level Marketing is a respectable job that will reap success if one is willing to put enough effort and skill into it. It's a like any other job, a JOB.

There's one thing though.

There's an increasing trend whereby MLM companies' members try to deny(hide) the fact that they are on MLM .

Guess they are ashamed of MLM's bad reputation?

I mean if it's MLM, it is MLM. Please dont try to hide it because people will know it sooner or later.

The "lying" normally happens when the MLM members are trying to recruit new downline distributors. They know that these people do not want an MLM sales job.

hence these MLM members will try to mislead those new,young & inexperienced people that they are just a "Trading & Supplying" business.

"high profit margins"---- that's what they would normally say to try to lure you.

For those who dont know what Multi Level Marketing is, look it up on wikipedia.

The Tranny Chronicles : Going Out With a Tranny, Not once, but TWICE (Part 1)

Okay lemme first make this clear, i didnt "went out" with a tranny.A few months ago, I was about to dine with 2 friends of mine, and this irritating prick of a friend decided it wud be great if he invite one of his tranny friend to come along too.

I am not transexual-phobic, but i have to tell you there's something really wrong with this "individual".

First, she(he) was LATE.


Yea we ate without "her" first.

And then "she" finally arrived, but was too dumb to know how to make her way to Cineleisure!

She lives under a rock?

Well then She finally made it into the cafe, after my fren went to fetch her.

ANd BOY was i disappointed.

I was expecting Ha Ri Su. But what stood infront of me was something really ugly.

She is as good looking as my butt crack.

Okay shouldnt judge people by looks. We were gracious and all. But this person didnt have any personality to back her up as well!

Throughout the dinner she was totally antisocial,even to my fren who she already know.

I guess she is ashamed of her male voice. I heard her croak she sounds like a robot.

Fyi, she isnt a full transexual, she is still a guy. She took hormone pills and her mum confiscated it halfway. So now she's like half-****ed. Deformed.

More tranny stories to come.

(CLick For Part 2...)

Dec 16, 2008

Plastic Surgery Can be Really Useful. Why Hate Dawn Yang?

I'm neutral towards people going for plastic surgery (botox ,implants)

Provided that they look great after the work done lah.

Dawn yang really does look great after her face work mah... Her surgery gave her a blog career !

Why do people hate her ?

Dawn: "why do people hate me, im just an innocent plastic gurl"

I used to think that plastic surgery people will still give birth to ugly kids. But I think I was wrong.

After surgery,you will look better. you will thus have the ability to attract a better looking partner.

And then u will give birth to a better looking child because at least half of the genes are good looking genes.

Get what i'm saying? U may still have the ugly genes but after surgery, you will be able to attract a good looking person with good looking genes. So the child you have with him/her will be at least half good looking, neutralised.

By the 3rd or 4th generation, there will be no more ugly people in your family.

This sure beats being ugly, finding an ugly partner and giving birth to an ugly kid, the sad cycle goes on.

What do ya think?

Fyi, my mum's good looking, my dad's normal :)

Dec 14, 2008

Maia Lee = Beyond Thick-Skinned

There's one thing I realized about Maia Lee.


Single Mum, not once, but TWICE.

And Still don't learn?

I remembered I found it really funny when the father of her 2nd baby said he and Maia were 'just friends'. ^^

I don't think she is wired up properly up there. Either up there or *down there*.

Not normal, IMO. I suggest counseling.

Don't you think she's like Singapore's Britney Spears, without the musical success?

Maia needs to spare a thought for her sons because i really worry that her son will grow up and find out their mum was someone who went on tv shows (Singapore Idol. Contender Asia) to find a Dad.

p.s. I don't find her hot, AT ALL . I think she looked like she got down's syndrome in the photo above.

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